Walked under – but never been in?

Lincoln ‘s Stonebow and Guildhall – the Inside Story

Welcome to this dedicated site for Blow By Blow's new documentary....a feast of information, entertainment and anecdote. The programme looks at the civic life of one of England’s most ancient and fascinating cities.

Lincoln's Mayoralty, the third oldest in the land, dates back to 1206. We see Mayor-making, that colourful day in May when a new Mayor is appointed. We are introduced to City treasures like King Richard’s sword....and we hear the stories behind these fantastic pieces.

Its an hour that will make every local citizen walk taller – for few cities can match Lincoln for civic heritage.

Watch the programme below for £2.50 and resume viewing up to five times in 30 days if interrupted. Download it to own for £10 by clicking on ”Buy”. Also, please share it with your friends to earn an affiliate fee! You can buy the DVD at this page